Phi Farm is a small farm located in the rural area of Otter Point on Vancouver Island, overlooking the Juan De Fuca Strait. The farm’s name comes from a recognition that nature is fractal and Spirit spiral. We believe that throughout nature there exist correspondences that come to be, due to an overarching intelligence and ever-present vital life force. This life force energy is given many names; one such name being Aether. We work with this understanding by utilizing hermetic farming practices, to grow a diverse variety of medicinal plants and fungi, that are then supplied to local purveyors

As hermetic farmers, it is important to us to produce our own fertilizer and this is where our resident Romney sheep excel, ensuring the soil thrives for generations to come. In addition, they supply the farm with an abundance of cuteness, as well as some of the finest cruelty-free wool fibre available. Through hermetic farming, we are able to maximize the vital potency of the plant medicine we grow; regeneratively cycling nutrients and manure that, in turn, nurtures and builds the soil. It is a beautiful organic approach that embraces biodiversity to harmonize the land to the cycles of nature.