2022 Starters

Starters we have available:

MulleinGoldenrod is a perennial that can be planted in fall or spring and will reach full size in a couple of months. It is a herbaceous perennial that can grow anywhere from 1.5 ft to 5ft tall.

It requires little maintenance and is loved by pollinators. There are few pest or disease issues they face and love full sun.

They have many medicinal benefits such as reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and can be used to treat urinary tract inflammation or prevent/treat kidney stones.

MulleinMullein is a biennial that prefers full sun to part shade. It can tolerate regular garden soil or dry, poor soil or abandoned fields. It can grow quite tall and has many medicinal uses. We have a number of plants growing in our gardens ready for their new home!

YarrowYarrow is a perennial that can be planted in early spring or fall. It is pest-resistant, drought-resistant and is excellent for bouquet fillers or drying.

It is known to aid in wound healing, alleviate digestive issues, and reduce issues of depression and anxiety.

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